File Extension Qbw

Intuit's Quickbooks is the only verified program using the .qbw file extension. Quickbooks is an accounting package for small business, with versions for both the Windows and Mac platforms. The .qbw extension is the default extension for Quickbooks data files which are created by the user. These data files include the details about the company as well as all the transactions and invoices created to date. Users can access the backup feature within the software to create a backup copy of their .qbw file which would carry the .qbb extension. Standard data files (.qbw) can be opened within Quickbooks or double-clicked if the file association is setup on the computer. Backup files (.qbb) must be imported and converted to .qbw files.


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Quickbooks data files can be password protected to keep sensitive data private, but several developers have brought products to market that will recover lost or unknown passwords. Some of these programs include Quickbooks Key, Advanced Intuit Password Recovery, Quickbooks Password, and Quickbooks Password Recovery.

To date, only the Quickbooks software can open .qbw files natively. MS Office Accounting 2009 offers an import wizard to bring Quickbooks data files into its environment, and MS Small Business Accounting 2006 claims to have support for importing .qbw files, but without the wizard function. As with all imports of non-native file formats, users should be aware that imports are rarely perfect. After importation and conversion is complete, some manual changes will almost always have to be made,

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More Info Regarding File Extension Qbw

Due to the popularity of Quickbooks, the program is used extensively across the globe in both large and small businesses alike. One of the most common issues with .qbw files arises from the use of the software over a network, The proprietary .qbw format is not very robust, nor is the database structure friendly to multiple users working from different terminals. It is quite common for data to be corrupted if one user on the network shuts down without closing the application first. Whether the shutdown is a result of a system crash or a user not following procedure seems to have no impact. One of the downfalls of Quickbooks data base structure is that corrupted data will damage the .qbw file, but the damage way go unnoticed for a length of time because the software doesn't look at specific data until it is needed.

Users who experience error messages when trying to access a data file need to first determine whether or not the .qbw file is corrupt. This can be done using the verify tool within the Quickbooks software. There is a "Rebuild Data" tool that can be used to attempt a recovery of a damaged .qbw file. This tool will attempt to rebuild the data using a backup copy, then verify the data before completion. In the event that rebuilding and verifying does not solve the .qbw error, users should consult the QBWIN.LOG file for a list of errors. This file may contain a list of one or more individual transactions that the rebuild process found to be corrupt and unrecoverable. If the .qbw file can be opened in Quickbooks despite the errors, the user can then search for and delete the transactions listed in the QBWIN.LOG file.

There are a handful of web-based services available to those who have damaged .qbw files and have been unsuccessful in recovering them through the Quickbooks utilities. Among them are and As with importing .qbw files into another program, recovery of data will not always be perfect. In most cases the offending data will have to be removed, requiring the user to input the data manually after recovery is complete.

Several reports have linked the .qbw file extension to Quicken, a personal finance program also published by Inuit. To the contrary, a post found on the Quicken website clearly states that the .qbw extension has never been used for Quicken and probably never will be.

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